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Our building is full of history, here are some brief points that we have found out so far, more to come as we dig deeper.


Original building completed (Entrance, Bar and Performance Lounge).


May 5th  Official opening of the building as Brunswick Street Board School. John Glover was the Head Master at the time. Elizabeth Carter Vasey was the School Mistress.


Additional wing built, facing Brunswick Street. This is now rehearsal rooms 1 and 2.


Borough Road built (this was built to access the school and later to join through to Freemans Place and Haughton Road).


March 25thJohn Glover left to work at Corporation Road School.

April 13thAbel Grundey the new Head Master started his post.


Abel Grundey is still Master of Brunswick Street Board School which is listed as having capacity for 240 children. Miss Alice Annie Richmond is Mistress of infants which has a capacity of 223 children.


April 12thThe school closed at noon for Easter”.

April 14th “Mr A. Grundey was killed in a trap accident at Bedale”.

April 23rd “School re-open after Easter Holidays. Alfred Hunter, first   assistant in this school, is appointed to take charge.”


July. Dr W.G.Grace the cricketer, widely regarded as being the most famous man in the country at the time visited the school.


Photograph taken in what is now the Performance Lounge featuring a Master and a Mistress and 40 Victorian school children.

March 3rd First mention of Alfred Young (Head)


February 12th – School renamed Borough Road School


Charles Thompson works at school for first time, then moved to Albert Hill, returning in 1946.


Admissions Register presented by W.J. Houghton to the Head Master dated 1st October, no name for Head Master.


Mr Charles Thompson appointed Head Master at Borough Road School.


Mr Charles Thompson retires after 21 years.

Building stands empty for a few years...


Up until 1974 Darlington Borough Council had control of Education, but due to Local Government reorganisation it became a Durham County function until 1997, when Darlington gained Unitary Authority status and took back the Education function locally.


Durham Music School opens. It was the ‘brainchild’ of Mr Pratt who was the Music Advisor for Darlington.


Darlington becomes a Unitary Authority.


The building is purchased by Darlington Borough Council from Durham County Council, leaving the future of the building in uncertainty. Alf Hind expressed his concerns in The Northern Echo, stating that the Borough Road Music Centre was used six days and five nights a week by numerous groups and choirs, including Darlington Big Band, Darlington Orchestra and Youth and Community Big Band.


The Forum Music Centre opens.


January. Humantics CIC take over the running of The Forum Music Centre.